Hide light emitter from mirror material, I'm going crazy

I made a simple mirror material using a principled bsdf (also with a glass shader the result is the same) and I’m trying to hide the light balls (or rectangles) representing point lights and area lights in my mirror’s reflection. But every method I’ve used gives terrible side - effects.

Method 1 - Disabling “multiple importance sampling” from light options. Works, but makes the image much much more noisy.

Method 2 - Disabling “glossy” option from ray visibility in light properties. Also works but it removes EVERY highlight from EVERY other nearby object. Of course I don’t want this.

Method 3 - Using nodes in light data properties and setting them up like this, as someone suggested:

But also this method has some strange side effect, since the light becomes very weak and just increasing the emission value doesn’t give me back my original light setup. I think that this third method anyway is the best, if only I could perfect the node setup so that my original light intensity and falloff is not changed.

Unfortunately you did not upload your blend file, but you can try that for your Light.

It didn’t work either, isn’t there a simple way to hide emitters? What shows up on the mirror are uniform - solid color circles or rectangles… maybe I can solve this problem modifying somehow the mirror material?

Try this one.

It also didn’t work… I’ve created a simple setup scene: on the cube it has to be some glossy reflection, on the plane on the ground (with a simple mirror material) I don’t want the white circle to show up… And I need to achieve this without disabling “multiple importance” on light’s data properties, an option which on much complex scenes saves me from having lots of noise Mirror.blend (587.8 KB)

did you try to use only AO light world light ?

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what does it mean?

user can switch on/off visibility of diffuse and glossy rays for object or light

Yes but switching off glossy visibility from the light settings turns off light’s effect on every other object in the scene. And of course I don’t want this, I have an interior scene and I need glossy reflections on every furniture except for the mirror, where the light creates a solid white circle.

Compositing may be helps in this tricky situation

Yeah, I think you will need to render another layer with the mirror and no light and overlay it in the compositor.

something like this ?

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I should see how the light is reflected in the mirror, if there’s no white circle (or rectangle), then yes, something like that. I need the highlights on the objects and on the objects’ reflections in the mirror but no highlight of the light for the mirror itself (which generates a plain white solid circle).

I use object with diffuse only
that should do the trick

the mirror will reflect whatever it sees
normally it won’t reflect normal light source unless it is an emission plane
but the glossy will shine bright spot depending on the face’s normal which is the specular reflection

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A friend just suggested me a very smart solution: duplicate the light, on the first set the radious to zero and use it only for the glossy. On the copied one set the radious to any value you want and use it for everything else except for the glossy.

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