Hide mouse cursor in-game

You can turn the Mouse cursor on and off on the right panel under render settings. but if i have a menu with mouse and then i wana start up a new scene or game from that menu that should not have a mouse, then the mouse is still there even if i turn it off in that scene.

and this happends because the Render settings from the Menu keeps from the other game.

So how do i make Blender update the new settings?

Write a two-line python script. Super, super easy.

import Rasterizer as r

If you wanna change it back, just change False to True. Put it in a Python controller and connect your sensors to it; you can use the controller as the actuator.

just use your own mouse cursor
in cursor

edit: MichelleSea is also correct :smiley:

import bge

if own['Vis']==True:
    own.worldPosition=(1000,1000,1000) ## move way off screen

aah, great! TY! :smiley:

Ensure you switch it off in the scene you start the game with and in all scenes you switch to in-game.