hide PART of a mesh that is NOT currently selected?

I am working with two different objects that are in very close vicinity to each other.

Let’s say I want to hide part of object #1 while working with object #2 in edit mode. If I switch to edit mode for object #1, “b”-brush the area I want to hide and then hide it, I have to switch back to object mode to select object #2. When I go to its edit mode, the section of object #1 i hid is not hidden.

I tried shift-selecting both objects and entering edit mode, but it will only show the vertices of object #2.

Any help on how to do this?

You can only have one object in Edit mode at a time. You can’t easily hide part of an object either but you do have several options:

Work in wireframe mode.

Hide the entire offending object with H key in Object mode.

Use Local View to edit your occluded object. Select the object, press numpad / (slash) key. Same key to get back to global view.

Put the objects on separate layers.

There’s also the mask modifier. Assign the vertices you wish to hide to a vertex group, add a mask modifier to that object and set it to the vertex group (maybe need to press ‘invert’).