Hide parts of a mesh in object & Pose mode?

Just as the title implies- How do I hide parts of a mesh in object and/or pose mode? This would be extremely useful for animation, because I want certain parts of the body to be hidden so I can work on other parts.

And better yet, if this is possible, could I make a driver for it? So I can make bones to hide arms, legs, head, etc.

Thanks! :wink:

Select what you want to hide and press H…

…ALT+H to unhide.

I said I want to hide PARTS of a mesh. -H- just hides the whole object or whole bone.

You could try ALT+B
that hides everything not between the selected planes

Problem with that- it just hides/unhides parts of the viewport. But when animating, you must move the rig around, which leads to this: Alt+B Problem (289 KB, .avi)

Maybe you could just scale that part to 0?

No, because only the bones scale down, the mesh isn’t effected.