Hide pivot point/object centre

I’ve looked in the program myself, googled, watched a tutorial and I still can’t work out how to hide the orange dot in the middle of an object/mesh.


You could turn on “Only Render” in the 3D viewport’s Properties panel->Display. However that also makes anything non-renderable to disappear, including lights, grid, camera, etc.

Thanks but I just wanted to get rid of it to do some screen caps, if it plunges everything into darkness it might not be the way forward :wink:

I thought there might be a tickbox somewhere I’d missed.

If you don’t want to use Only Render and just for a screenshot you can just move the object centre so its out of the field of view

+1, I don’t wanna see this little nasty yellow point and 3D-cursor too. I just don’t need them all the time!
It seems to me that its not so difficult to create 2 checkboxes which will control the visibility of origin point and 3D-cursor.
Blender is one of the most customizable programs I ever seen - this functionality has to be implemented.

Here’s a patch which adds an extra checkbox to hide selected objects’ origin dots:

Here’s a windows build with my patch applied (has been slightly modified)http://graphicall.org/builds/925/

This is pretty cool! Please submit this patch to trunk :slight_smile:
Many people will be grateful to you