Hide/show objects with animation action

How to animate hide/show objects in bge?

You could do this a few different ways. (As is the magic of game design!)

For one, you could use Scale keys in your animation to scale the object down to a super small number in an adjacent frame (example: “frame 1, scale 1x1x1, frame 2, scale 0.01x0.01x0.01”). Though I wouldn’t recommend this method if your object has physics, for obvious reasons. =P

For two, you could write a Python script that checks a property attached to the Action actuator for certain values, and sets the object visible/invisible accordingly.

There are other methods I’m sure, but these two are the first ones that came to mind.

If you mean instantaneous hiding and showing then you can use obj.visible attribute. If you actually want it to blend then you can animate object color and check object color checkbox in materials panel.

Thank you, friends!!!
Thank you very much!