Hide the console ???

Is there any way I can hide the console when the stand alone version of my game runs? I really don’t want another window specially when my game is a windowed one…(by the way I’m using Blender 2.49b)

The first step is to search the forum

Thanks mate…I gotta have that habit…SEARCH FIRST THEN POST

Excuse me for being stupid…
Can you please explain me how to build a stand alone exe using that tool as I did in Blender File–>Save game as runtime

Short answer: Click the “convertblend.bat” file.

Long answer: Look at the bottom of this post (link).

Thanks, it really helps

I finally got it done…anyway 2 more questions…
1.Even if I pack everything into one file it still needs Blenderplayer.exe to be there.Otherwise it’ll give some error saying something like “cannot fork blenderplayer.” Why is that?
2.Is there any way to use the Iconreplacer with this?

Take a look at the third paragraph in this post (link).

2.Is there any way to use the Iconreplacer with this?
Unfortunately, no. (If anyone knows of a way to change the icon in a normal exe file, PM me).

At the moment, the only known way to change the icon is to recompile the entire program. If you want, you could send me the icon file and I’ll recompile it for you.

@anbanwala, if you have other issues please open new threads with a reasonable title, otherwise you will not get as much support as you can get when hiding them here.

BTW. There is a sticky thread regarding the icon.

Thanks all