Feedback is greatly appreciated! :smiley:

That’s good! Is this cycles?

All this needs is Luke Skywalker hanging from the ceiling :smiley:

Damn thats pretty cool. Love the texturing you did a great job :smiley:

Great lightling! The image gives the cold feeling perfectly. But you may give a bit reflection on the ground for a better frozen ice effect…

Really fantastic! great use of cycles. I can imagine the lighting set-up would be super simple.

It’s not cycles. It’s Nikon :wink:

really? is it cycles? you’re using some bumps or what? really like this one!

Its really cool, love the idea… reminds me of a Blenderguru Tutorial… Anyways looking forward for the finished render.

It seems like everyone is able to get a snow material down these days, this is no exception.

Though I do agree that parts of the cave could be switched to using an ice material, perhaps you can have snow covering the floor and then blending it into an icier material for the walls and ceiling.

Marvelous scene, simple yet very impressive! Congratulations!