Hiding a part of an object in render?


I have made an animation showing the workings of an industrial equipment working with fluids. I have baked the water simulation and it’s working fine. The equipment itself is set to collision type effector, and creates the effect I want on the fluid properly.

Now I want to render the animation, and since the industrial equaipment is made of metal, it’s not transparent. Since the animation is intended to show inside of the machine with sort of a cross section view, I was wondering how I can achieve this? I can change the material of a part of the machine to glass, but that would no create the effect I want.

I tried hiding parts of the machine in edit mode, but that doesn’t carry over into rendered mode.


If you want part of it completely hidden, try a boolean with a cube.

Thanks for the info, will it hide the meshes without affecting the effects they have on the fluid?

Bake the fluids and you can even delete the rest of the geometry without changing the simulation, so yes. (I wouldn’t recommend deleting the geometry since if you change the simulation you’d have to recreate it, but just mentioned as an example of how robust a baked sim is).