hiding armature in pose mode

I’m not sure if this is a bug or something or if there is just something that I am missing, but whenever I hide all of the armature while in pose mode, select another object, and make any changes to my model, I am unable to get my armature back. Hitting alt-H in any other mode doesn’t do it, and I have no way to get back into pose mode without the armature. Is there any way to get the armature back when this happens, without going back to a previously saved version or undoing past when the armature was hidden?

While I really don’t understand why you would hide an armature in pose mode, you should be able to open an outliner window and turn on visibility from there. There should be an eye icon there that controls visibility…

It can be useful sometimes to hide the bones if they cover a lot of the model, but using Alt+H-KEY isn’t the best way, your suggestion to use the visibility icon is.

@ evansti – make it a habit to use the Outliner frequently for selecting objects as well as other operations, it is often more convenient than using RMB in the 3D window, particularly in crowded scenes, and there are controls there not only for visibility but also to control selectability & render status.

Thanks, that’s a really helpful tool, I didn’t know about it! :slight_smile: