Hiding bones in Edit Mode 2.53?

Does anyone know how to hide bones in Edit mode? ( Blender 2.5)

In 2.49 you just press the conventional H to hide bones in Edit mode, but in 2.5 it seems to not be a way to do that. ( Obviously unless you place them on other bones layers, no the case though )

The only way I’ve found is to switch off its visibility in the Outliner, not ideal

Oh cool, did not think of that. At least we have something, no ideal though. I think coders have forgotten to include the H shortcut. I don’t see a reason why to eliminate it. uhmmm

Thanks Richard:D

The H key still hides in pose mode

That’s correct. Pretty much H works exactly like 2.49. It hides vertex, objects, curves bones in Pose Mode etc…but it fails in Edit Mode. That’s why I think is a glitch. Because when editing armatures you need to hide bones every now and then:D Specially rigging fingers, one finger at a time:spin: