Hiding Environment Background in Final Render

Hi everyone, I know this might sound like a dumb question, but I’m making a car and I’m using Cycles and I’m using an HDR image as the environment in the World settings to get reflections on the car, but I was wondering how I could save the final rendered image without including the HDR background because it’s looking really ugly in the final render and I just want to save the image of the finally rendered car without the HDR background. So, how exactly would I do this? Thanks for any help.


At the bottom of the render panel you can check the box “transparent” (film tab). Then you can save your image as .png. Don´t worry about the black background, it will be transparent.

Thank you.

How can I do this in an animation rendering? And not for individual images/renders?

There is no difference in between rendering a single image or an animation. For Blender, a single image is like an animation with only one frame. Of course, what I say is valid only if you don’t render your animation directly in a video format. Who does that any way? Besides, I don’t know many video formats which support an alpha channel… (Just don’t forget to set the output format to RGBA.)

What was the question already? :smiley:

And if you want higher precision colour, you can use either TIFF or OpenEXR.