Hiding fur particles under softbody cloth

I’m working on something a bit more difficult than the usual, and I’m curious if there’s an easy solution for the following problem: I have a furry character which wears clothing. The body uses fur particles, long enough to poke through anything close to the surface. Some of the clothing uses cloth physics, which can push and deform the dress enough to change the areas of the body it covers. For example, imagine the wind blowing a skirt away. Note that the fur uses physics simulation as well.

I need the dress to hide the fur, so hair particles don’t poke through it. If the dress didn’t use cloth simulation, I could simply remove the hair particles under it manually. But if I did so here, a force blowing the dress away would reveal parts of the body where fur simulation mysteriously disappears.

Basically, I need some way to have clothing dynamically cut hairs that touch its surface at each frame. Or, be rendered in front of the fur, but not in front of the emitter (since then the cloth would show through parts of the body). If possible, I’d like something that causes fur particles under the dress to not be computed at all, to also achieve faster rendering times with this occasion. But (if such a wish still has room within the limitations) I wouldn’t want hairs rooted outside the dress to be cut, so fur starting from above the dress can cover it with its length.

Is there a modifier to have a mesh cut fur particles in realtime? If not, what other ways are there? So far I was suggested to use masking, but I don’t know how to separate the render pass of the fur from the render pass of its emitter object.

Couldn’t you just use dynamic paint to brush out the areas where you do not want particles to form? That way if the clothing moves to reveal the brushed out part you can simply move the brush along with it to reveal as needed.