Hiding mesh when in vertex color mode

Hello, I have a question. I do use vertex colors a lot in Blender and I’ve been wondering if there is a way to hide some surface when in vertex mode, as very often the vertexes I want to paint are behind some other surface and therefore really hard to paint. The basic masking using Alt+H does not work under vertex paint mode for some reason so the only way I can now think of is actually separating mesh into different objects and then paint them, which is rather cumbersome workaround.

Have you tried border clipping with alt-b?

It can be a handy way to cut away parts of a model temporarily.

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Oh, this is interesting. I didn’t know this feature even exist. Thank you for the tip! Although not sure if it is as handy for the vector painting. It would need lot of guessing how to cut it to get to the covered part. I guess the perfect solution would be for the hide mesh feature to be available in the vertex painting mode.