Hiding objects wrt to baking in 2.5?

I’m fairly new to Blender in general. I started on the 2.4 series and have recently made the jump to 2.5. (2.58.1 right now)

I’m an old Lightwave user who has recently made the jump to Blender and I’m still learning how to do things. Here’s my question:

I’m trying to create an object that is a single low-poly model but has a lot of detail baked into its surface texture. Kind of like baking a high-poly model down into a low-poly model via a normal map. But instead of baking normals, I am using the Full Render bake mode.

Is there a way to hide objects from the Full Render mode? I have other objects that touch my low-model and I want them to cast shadows in the bake, but I don’t want their surfaces to actually show up. I can set their shadow properties to “cast only” in their materials, and if I do a normal render (F12) it works as expected. But when I bake, it seems like Blender ignores that.

Note that I don’t want to hide ALL objects (ie, just turn Selected to Active off), I want SOME of the objects to appear as surface detail, but others only to cast their shadow.

Can anyone help me? Hopefully I have explained it well enough.