Hiding seams between poser body parts?

Hey Everyone,

I’m working on a workflow to get poser characters into blender.

The problem I’m currently working on is that poser exports it’s characters in pieces - each body part is its own object. In blender the pieces fit together perfectly, but a seam is visible nonetheless. (see pic below)


I know how to join multiple objects together, but that stops you being able to add the morphs from poser as shape keys. Can anyone suggest another way to get blender not to show the seam?

Simon O

Not that I know of. It seems to be a problem with the smoothing of seperate objects not crossing over between them that creates the seam in the image. You will see the same thing if you split a smoothed sphere into two different objects. Even though the vertices align perfectly there is a seam. The only way out of it that I can see would be to set it solid but that would just look ugly anyway. Once you get a variable colour texture on there it won’t be as noticeable but there’s no way to fully remove the seam that I know of without joining the two objects.

I’m not quite sure how these morphs and shapekeys work… but can’t you just create vertexgroups and then join the objects? Or will that still leave you with not being able to add the morphs?

Unfortunately, this still messes up the shape keys, but good idea though.

The (understandable) problem with creating shape keys is that they require the vertices in the morph shape to be in the same internal order as the vertices in the base shape.

Unfortunately, when you join two shapes together, it ‘scrambles’ this internal order. So when you make your shape key from one joined object to another, it ends up being this totally wtf mesh where all the vertices have played musical chairs.

If someone a lot cleverer than me could adjust the join functionality so that it made the new object by extracting vertex and face information from the host objects in a strict order (i.e. maybe putting the host objects in alphabetical order) that would probably be a fix…