Hiding things quickly that use alot of my computer resources

When working on my scene which is 2.3 gb my computer is very unresponsive. Is there a process to hide the things quickly that draw most on my resources. For example grass, trees,and roof and say planes or furniture that use high resolution materials? I have an 11 year old computer with dual xeon 2.27 ghz 5520 xeon processors. My video card is a 2070 asus super rtx. Would I put those things in a collection or would I then not be able to hide things seperately. And would I assign a hot key to hide these things? Or do you suggest I use hide all but selected and just keep the objects I need in my scene right at that moment? And when rendering does it make sense to hide all things in the scene that do not show in the render? Is there a tutorial availabe on using this type of process for computers with lower resources. Thanks

I assume that you know that “H” is for hide and that “alt + H” makes it visible again. Under Object Properties> Visibility you can uncheck Show in Viewports. Also under Object Properties> Viewport Display you can set Display as Bounds. But you should definitely take a look at proxify.

You can select multiple items holding the shift key and then hit the / key to hide everything but the selected objects. It also zooms in on the selected objects. To get the rest of the scene back just hit the / key again. I just found this out today. The / slash key in the number pad.

If you select an object and press / on the Numpad it will place it in a local view on it’s own. Pressing / again will return to the full scene

Also for particle systems (like grass) if you click the Particles tab in the Properties window, next to the name of the particle system (top row) there is a little monitor icon and a camera icon. click the monitor icon to hide the particle system in the viewport, allowing you to still see the object that has the particle system.

Another possibility is to use Collections. If you divide the elements in your scene into different collections then you can easily hide a collection by clicking its eye icon in the outliner.

Thank you crazychristina. I will try all those options tomorrow. I appreciate your help. I still have to figure out collections.