HiFi Loft

Hello fellow Blender enthusiasts. I’m continuing the Blender journey I started in December.
Here’s my first serious stab at an accurate interior scene. I hope you like it

It all started when I discovered the insanely good procedural bricks shader by Simon Thommes and started thinking about a scene that would work well. I eventually landed on this scene, which is inspired by my love for audiophile hifi equipment and the Eames lounge chair & ottoman.
Some references I used for inspiration:

Some issues I’ve been struggling with and haven’t been able to solve yet:

  • Volumetric lighting - I would have loved to have some light dust in the room, for added reality, but I just couldn’t muster the patience to wait for renders any longer.

  • Dirty windows - my windows are way too clean, I just cannot figure out how to mix the glass/transparent/tranlucent shaders to get slightly dirty windows like in one of my references.

  • Anisotropic material shading - I could not get the material to look like black anodized anisotropic brushed hifi equipment.


Hmm… This looks fantastic! I sure a heck couldn’t do better.

But Id like to offer some thoughts, do take them with a grain of salt.

The big speakers are too close to the wall in my opinion, since in real life they probably have some cable connections or volume control knobs on the back, and we wouldn’t want to damage them on the brick surface, since they are so expensive :).

Second thing is as mentioned, the cables. The speakers should probably have cables connecting to the sound system. Usually big speakers like these always come with fat robust cables. Unless you envisioned some kind of wifi bluetooth connectivity mode?

third thing im thinking of, is maybe some kind of wood, lath, or finishing along the edge where the floor and wall meet. Usually people do that, at least I think, so that they cover the edge of the wooden floor.

Also the floor is too clean, way to clean, like it was polished endlessly. Maybe you could add some footprints, some dirt or grease or something, perhaps somebody even damaged or scratched the floor while bringing all the stuff inside, and doing all the various installations in the apartment. It would for sure add to the charm and the story of this render.

The wood on the chair is way to shiny for my personal taste. Never seen a chair that shiny in my life.

Other than that, the lighting is absolutely amazing, and the shadows from the window. And I love the brick texture, its bombastic!

Very good work :slight_smile:

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