High as a Kite

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So yeah. Inspiration for this one. I slightly recently had an operation on my nasal cavity. Only a minor one, but afterwards it seemed I was on so many medications and drugs and painkillers and decongestants - even now I’m on hayfever pills.

I think I captured the feeling in this image.

Rendered in Yafaray in 25 minutes, with some post-work in The GIMP.

Tell me what you think.

It could use some color, I know you were going for a depressed, bland feeling with the grey scale. But I think the same thing could be done with a little bit of color. That’s just the first thing that popped into my head.

Other than that I think the render looks great. The pills look like that I can just pick them off the screen and pop one in. But you just need something to make some more contrast between your pill character and the real pills so I don’t take the wrong one. I wouldn’t want to eat your little pill person. :slight_smile:

Maybe the black/white represents the numbness perpetual felt after taking that many pills after the operation.
I´d really like people to comment their art a bit more, share their thoughts, not just pop the image and leave it open.

I like it, I just think the contrast could be better for b/w

Thanks for your prompt and useful feedback! I’ll take all of your ideas in to account for future works which I hope to share with you!