High cpu usage and lagging

I get unbelieveable high CPU usage ( 50-100% ) and blender freezes for about 10sec then unfreezes then again freeze, sometimes it stops working altogether.
I’ve tried every possible option inside blender and outside, nothing seems to work.
Also, memory goes from like 70mb to 1500mb and freezes.
This happens even If I have one cube in the scene… Just random

GPU : AMD RX480 4gb
CPU : i3 6100
RAM : 16gb

Anyone got any solution?

These issues are starting to mount. I have experienced all of this as well. I have notice 2.79 is having issues with material preview regeneration which is causing my computer to lag as well as other things too.

It’s a pentium 4 with 3gb ram and cheap Gpu good enough for sculpting in blender 2.69…?


I was getting all the above and insane 30 Gigs memory usage :eek: when selecting a few verts in edit mode with a low poly base model gone back to using 278c ,seems features get added but other things get broken on the way… It wont do it all the time but when it does its like the HD just died…

AMD FX8350
Windows 8.1
32 gigs ram