High CPU usage when baking:

Windows 7 - Blender 2.76b - (CPU) AMD FX-6100

Am I the only one getting high (50% +) CPU usage when baking with the GPU? Maybe I need to re-paste the CPU because at times it’s been a heat problem.

This is the only evolution with Blender where this happens on my machine.

Sorry this might be a problem to bring up on a Microsoft Forum. Since it seems to have developed after them downloading those Windows 10 folders on my Windows 7 machine which I’m happy with. As a matter of fact doing that time my computer picked up several quarks.

However, I have corrected that with the Windows updates settings and an app which simply renamed the main Windows 10 folder is my understanding. Anyway it got rid of the nag and in the process several problems.

I now understand if the Windows servers are loaded up with updates with Windows 10 Microsoft can now turn your home computer into a file sharing machine sending updates. Yeah, that’s just what I need in the middle of a six hour render. And, yes, there is a way to opt out of that but who the hell has that audacity.