High Definition Fluid in Seconds!!!


There’s a test I did with a recent idea of mine. So far as I know, you cannot easily add modifiers to a fluid. But, if you shrinkwrap around the fluid, then you can displace. My example looks pretty terrible, I know, but I’m pretty sure that a good artist could really take this somewhere. :eyebrowlift2: Any takers? :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: I finally have a Youtube account.

does you mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AizftRrdQbM ?

it’s an interesting idea, anyway, however, you can easily do just as well with normal maps, they work especially well with raytracing. :yes:

I think normal maps are a little harder to setup. And besides, since the bake time took only half a minute, you can spend a little on extra polygons! :smiley:

PS: Forgot to mention that the speed increase is due to the fact that you can bake at much lower resolution.

Wow, this reminds me of the zBrush to Blender trick, that also uses the shrinkwrap modifier. What a useful modifier that turned out to be!

I think normal maps are a little harder to setup.
I laugh at your ignorance.
(no offense intended, of course)
a clouds normal map takes 30 sec. to set up.

with your way, you have to make a new mesh to shrinkwrap, add a shrinkwrap modifier, add a subsurf modifier, add a displace modifier, set up the same texture, then go back and apply it in the displace modifier, and then add precious time to each frame, both in the viewport, and in the render.

I believe, my friend, that my way is faster :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit pompous perhaps, but I like your style nonetheless. :yes:

How about putting together a short tutorial?

Since screen-capture sucks on my comp, would you accept a .blend?

Absolutely! Thanks, Bro.

+1 to the tutorial idea. :wink:
by the way, good use of the tools, i think.

Sorry guys, haven’t been here in a while. Here’s the .blend. You’ll need to change the bake destination and bake it before it will work.


fluid_disp.blend (142 KB)

thanks, mtracer!

I believe picture quality is always come in the High Definition result.I am really big fan of this quality.Good thing which you have share with us here.Thank you for this.

You could just add a displace modifier to the water mesh… Why not?