High Definition Render

Does anyone know of a HD Renderer that is compatible with blender
if so, please leave a link to the render site or to the work you’ve done
using it

:stuck_out_tongue: cotokid :<

post your thoughts too

I’m not too familiar with HDTV; isn’t it just high resolution? If thats the case any renderer would work.

What do you mean by High Definition? Isn’t that just a matter of changing the resolution and aspect ratio? Or do you need specific camera settings, or color depth…?
(forgive me if I’m being ignorant)

i mean a high resolution. one that specificaly renders beautiful high definition images

:stuck_out_tongue: cotokid :<

Under the scene buttons, format tab, you can set the resoluiton as high as you want. Render from Blender internal or Yafray; its up to you to make them beautiful :wink: