High detail face.

This is my latest piece.
I wanted to try the projection painting so I built a easy model of some hi-res photos I found on the internet.
Then I painted together, I think 4-5 images from different views.

I also wanted to try my new computer’s power so I added a couple of multire layers and started sculpting in some details. It worked like a charm. :slight_smile:

After that I opened the texture file and made a simple normal and specular map.
Finished it of with some post work in Photoshop.

I love Blender more and more for every new thing I learn.


Where are the details?

How come the texture map looks so much better than the actual render?

Sorry, but thats not high detail. Doenst mean its bad, i like it, but for “high detail” it would had to be multiple times more detailed :wink: But still nice work.

okey. looks like I have to keep working on this one.