High detail pencil

Completely made in Blender, except for a quick edit in Gimp to remove a rendering artifact. Thanks everybody for your help in the focused critique section.
Here’s the link to the full quality image: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_-x5CbD1T52s/Sraj1zoqaoI/AAAAAAAAAFA/RhzyYsl5hF8/s1600-h/Pencil10e.jpg


I like it! The lighting is good. It looks like a desk lamp is pointing at it. And the wood texture is fantastic! Nice job.

looks real when its smaller.
good job

The shadow is too grey/black to be realistic

Lighten the shadows a bit (Maybe .2 AO or something), and try a little SSS on the eraser…

nice one :slight_smile:

Are you going to animate it writing?

Thanks for the comments.
@Skyler: Meh, I thought about it, but it’s too much work and I’m ready to work on something else.