High Detail Truck Model

A guy I know is doing a movie on the cold war, he knows that I do a lot of military vehicles and stuff so he asked me to do a truck for him. I have been working on it for several weeks now and have probably put 20+ hrs into it. I have just begun texturing. For the most part modeling is finished but of course there will be tweaking along the way :yes:.
Here is the wheel and tire so far. Comments and Critique welcome. It is a very very simple texture, though unwrapped UV I did not spend the time making it VERY VERY accurate because you know as well as I do it’s convincing the audience not necessarily making it real that counts. So here it is, under very harsh sunlight, so don’t complain too much about the specularity ;). Keep in mind this truck is fairly new…hehe, I know, a little heavy on that brown stuff that is supposed to look like rust.


This wheel is sick. That’s all. :smiley:

If all of the truck will be as detailed and beautiful as this wheel it will be GREAT. You have big skills. Keep working. :wink:

I want to see it finished very much. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will try to post as much as I can, I have just started on texturing the gas tank, I’m debating posting a picture of the untexured complete model.

you should send us a complete render or something…doesnt really matter if there is no texture…

Ok, here it is. I normally have materials but I figured I’d just show you the mesh, I love soft gray renders :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like an excellently fully modelled truck youve got there.

Wow, thats amazing, nice work!

what’s the size can you put a character to give some relative dimensions!

would be nice in a night scene with some volumetric light for the headlamps

keep up the good work

I intend to post my work as I continue, eventually I hope to composite it into some live action footage and make a sweet animation!

RickyBlender: I don’t know how big it is for sure, you can google it and find some pretty accurate pictures. My guess would be that the top of the cab is around 9 feet at least.

all that i see now is some texturing and maybe even a scene

Wow, those are pro textures, even the bumpy-ness between the tread adds that much more to it. I can’t wait to see the trucks textures. What would be the res on one of the tires textures?

Wow! Awesome! If you put it in a scene, it’s going to be really nice! Keep up the good work!

Demoathon: I am highly envious of your profile picture, it appears to be mario but it also could be the character from the old game Montezuma’s Revenge!!

Enger: The metal wheel part has a resolution of 3000x3000. It was done in gimp with my own custom brushes. The treads are a little less than that in resolution and the tire is about 2500x2500 I think. It’s always better to work high res and then save really low quality if you have to, rather than work low quality to begin with!

If anyone is interested you can have my animated gimp brushes. Of course you can use them for whatever you want, even commercially. I hate when people give you something you can’t use commercially :frowning:

Right now I’m working on the gas tank, hopefully I will finish the texturing this afternoon! (too bad I have dialup I could share some of these textures with you)


LightingSetup.blend (321 KB)

So now some more texture images!! Here’s the gas tank, very simple. Maybe a bit beat up for only being a few years old (you should have seen it before I took away some of the rust!!!) but something that low to the ground and that constantly used would rust quickly. I may go back later and “de-age” the texture ;). Anyhow there are 4 different layer types.

  1. Rust, where the paint has completly been chipped away and the metal has rusted
  2. Rust, where the paint IS in the process of chipping away, very noisy
  3. Watermarks, where water and other substances have stained the metal
  4. Under scratches, a bunch of scratches (lines) underneath to eliminate the ‘flatness’ of typical paint CG renders.


The details of gas tank alone are amazing!

The whole truck is very nice! i just think the drapery of the back should be sharper. But you have probably modified it since that time!