High Detail X-Wing Fighter

I was inspired by Janjy Giggins High Detail Y-Wing Fighter and decided to create something similar in hopes to be as good as he.:smiley: My star wars vehicle of choise was the legendary x-wing. I’m doing this project also to learn 2.5, and allready run some problems the render system was bit confusing and the render came out is bit streched, does somebody know why?:o Its probably too early to critise but here’s what I got so far:

Looks good so far. About the stretching try changing the camera angle setting higher, the angle is the equivalent of the focal length of a real camera lens. I would set it to 60 and pull the camera back.

looks very nice, cant wait to see this completed.

Looking good so far. Is it smooth-shaded? It looks like the angles on the hull could do with a little bit more definition. The engines are looking great though.


To stop the deformation make sure that the aspect ratio is 1:1 (Render settings - Dimensions). When selecting some of the preset dimensions some alter the pixel aspect ratio which changes depending on selection and gives various degrees of deformation.

Schools takin most of my time some progress tho

Give it a black matte paint job, a hood scoop, and a bumpin’ sound system and you have yourself a real man’s X-Wing.

Looking great! Can’t wait to see how it comes out.


Thanks for critics and big thanks to Touchwood, explaining the render stretching! I would appreciate any modeling tips you might share regarding spaceships!

Starting to get used to 2.5, I especially like the better 2 monitor support! Still couldn’t get my head around bevel tools… I can mark edges for the bevel modifier but don’t know how to set bevel weight. I guess they aren’t very handy:spin: I don’t have bridge tool either so some things are quite slow, I should do research if how to get them when I have more time. But overall new blender ROCKS:cool:

Managed to do some work today. most of the time I was wondering the best way to model the fuselage, after experimenting I came up with technique to make simple low poly base first and then retopo-tool on top of it, really fast and nice way to do spacecraft imo, wonder if somebody else uses similar technique?:eyebrowlift:


Cockpit is pain in the ass, I have no idea what would be the best way to do it, first I tried to do from cube all in once, but after failing in that decided to make it from small pieces. Any advices there? I’m always very picky about all arches and pipes to being same size and thickness, but if it doesn’t show in the render its ok right?

Is it just me, or did the nose vanish in the last set of images?

Brilliant job. how many polys?

Haha yeah I was going to bring that up, maybe he hid it from the render by accident?

lol forget the nose!:stuck_out_tongue: It wasn’t pretty so deleted it and going to redo it. Any ideas what wuold be the best technique to model the cockpit?

I’m not exactly sure how to make a nice looking cockpit, but I guess you could try modeling the transparent part first and then model the frame in such a manner that it lines up with the edges in the transparent surface. I think this one looks fine though. :slight_smile:

The return of the nose and some wire’s modifiers aplied.

Slight progress:)

DROOLS!!! O.O Awesome! You must have a soft spot for Star Wars as well that’s awesome! I don’t know if it is just me but the nose does look a LITTLE bit thin not too much other than that it looks superb! good job the modelling is spot on

Modelling almost done. Testing animated landing gear.

a test render

Very nice! Do you plan to create a scene for it.

Thank you!:yes: of course and make a short animation too! I haven’t yet decided what the scene would be, any ideas are welcome!:stuck_out_tongue: