High Detailed 50 €ent coin

Here is my newest project.
I modelled a 50 euro cent coin and made a render of it.

Renderer: Blender Internal
Postpro: Blender Compositor
Polycount: ~190k

Notice that this coin is fully modelled, not just a normal map :slight_smile:
HD Quality

(On Subsurf Lvl.1)
Click the image for high res!

Work in progress images here.


Nice modelling! Only crit is that it’s too perfect, it needs to be a little dirtier:p

I dont want to beg for it, but still i’d love to read your comments.
What do you like about it, what not so much? What needs more work the next time?
Stuff like that (feedback plays an important role in improving my skills) :slight_smile:

I think in modeling there is not much to improve but at the animation
i would let the coin fell on a table or something;)
and the engraving could be higher,taller you know?

Added wireframe images because there were several people doubting that it was all modelled :smiley:

Very nice modelling, I just think the render is letting it down and not showing us its true potential!

I can do another render, what style of presentation would be better in your opinion? :slight_smile:

I would look into reflection mapping an subtle grunge textures for the coin.

An edge split modifier so that the edge of the coin at the 90 deg to the wavy part is not so smooth

Because i use a real coin as example i can tell you that the ede is about that smooth :smiley:
@Casio23: Thanks, i will try to do that

a close up of a couple of the coins and use cycles or another physically unbiased renderer :slight_smile: that or render in BI with HDRI environment lighting