High(er) Res. Fluid Issue...

Hey, I am trying to simulate some liquid coming from a bottle, everything is working fine, I just did a test with the domain set to a resolution of 300 and it is starting to look the way that I want… but I realize now that I will need more resolution.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, blender will not let me do this. I tried at 350 and it just simply wont work.

When I try to bake the sim, the progress bar appears and shows that it is working, but then suddenly it just disappears and stops the bake. Blender does not crash, hell, it doesn’t lag or get hung up at all… just works on it for a bit and stops. It’s kind of just like “Sure, I’ll calculate this for you… nah, I am not in the mood anymore, not gonna do this”.

i7 3930k
2 SSDs with hundreds of gigs free, plus additional drive space (not being used by the system or blender).

Any thoughts? At first I thought there might be a limit on the resolution, but then I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD5CvN5gC2Y and realized that appears not to be the case.

It seems to be working now.

I am not quite sure what the issue was, might just be that I was impatient and clicking the bake button too quickly while blender was collecting it’s thoughts and therefore disrupting the process prematurely. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing when I was trying to bake this.

I will try to test it to see if I can figure out what was going on, or at least recreate the same scenario, so I can help anyone else that has an issue like this in the future, but just in case i get lazy or forget… the current solution is to hang tight and only click bake once, you idiot.

I have experienced similar oddities using the fluid sim. I think I have clicked the button not realizing it was still calculating as well. Also, I think the cache can get messed up. When in doubt try typing a new unique cache path, like //fluid_test-2 etc… Sometimes Blender will find old default data from another scene.

Hmm… that might be how I fixed it then… because I created a new directory the last time around because I didnt want to write over the old sim.