High gloss/reflection

How do you create a high gloss/reflective surface like this:


I know how to get reflection by way of the Ray Mirror button but for this to work you have to have an environment to reflect. This image appears reflective but is not actually reflecting anything (that is, there is no detail in the reflection).

Is there a simple way to achieve this look?

set specular shader to toon and play with sliders to get sharper edges.

I don’t think that’s as reflective as you think. You could probably mimick that by doing a light hemisphere and a dark hemisphere (or a single sphere textured) around the object, setting a moderate amount of reflection, and a little AO.

The toon shading suggestion isn’t a bad one, either.

Well, I’ve had a quick go;


This has got toon spec on, a white half sphere at the top and a black one at the bottom, one spotlight at the top and AO on. What do you mean by a little AO?

Anyway, it’s sort of getting there so thanks! I would want to render the object without the sphere that surrounds it though. I believe I might be able to do this with nodes but am not sure?!?

I can indeed!


Blender rules!!! Many thanks!

glad to have been able to help you,
blender is like photoshop, u can use it during years and will have used only 30% of its potential .