High Poly Mewtwo Mesh

I got a lisence for ZBrush recently so I decided to dig through my old meshes and try it out on them. What I found was a Mewtwo mesh I made a while ago. I haven’t quite finished with the niggling details quite yet, but it should all come together. Crits and comments welcome:

When I’m finished with ZBrush, I’ll put the mesh back into Blender for materials.

I remember this model from way back! I’m not exactly sure what a Mewtwo is supposed to look like, but it’s well done! No offence, but it looks better without the brown colour.

the brown colour is ZBRUSH:mad:

i think its very good, i always love to see people make cartoon characters into “real-life” equivalents.
transformers achieved this well and hopefully this is the same :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile: