High Poly Model... Can I still rig her?

Hi guys! So I have a high poly model, with the subdivision modifier applied to her (for some reason, I can’t remember what I was doing but it seemed to require it)

Now that I’m thinking that I would like to rig her… am I screwed? Am I able to use the shrink wrap modifier on an older low poly version of her? Or will using the decimate modifier on the high res version be good enough?

(Also, if I’m not, should I use rigify or autorig pro? I just want the simplest easiest way to get her rigged up)

Decimate might work, though it’s not always clean - worth a try. You could use the new voxel remesh tool too. If you have an older lower poly version, then the shrink wrap idea will probably work with some tweaking.

You can still rig it like this though. I did this the other day with a sculpted character. The rig worked fine - all I had to do was go into each bone group and smooth out the weights a little, as with high density meshes, you get very hard transitions, which results in weird deformation. Fix that though, and it’ll work fine.

I found Rigify to be a really good tool to use. Super simple, and a nice rig with bone controlls etc…Much better than a vanilla rig.

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Okay I tried decimate but I got some weird artifacts where the maps end. But it also sees like the only artifact to have to deal with so I guess it’s not too bed. As for shrink wrap, turns out my high poly version has been resculpted a little too much so blender was having a hard time matching it.

Do I need a powerful computer to rig it as is? It currently has 934,400 face counts haha.

Will try rigify! Thank you!!

you colud try this:
1 - make a copy of this geo
2 - decimate it
3 - rig decimated version
4 - wrap hipoly version to decomated version with Mesh Deform modifier

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my character is pretty much around that spot and it was fine. Took a couple of minutes to parent the rig, but it’s a super smooth rig. Might take longer depending on hardware. I have a decent PC, but by no means high end.

You will have a hard time rigging this. Decimate it one way or another maybe even retopologies it. Dont rig that high because even the weight paint is very difficult when you have so many faces beside the performance when you want to move a bone.

I would be really surprised if the model was usable with 1 million, armature deformed vertices. I’m surprised that peter18 found posing smooth with a model with a similar vertex count, but it did seem to me that the armature performance in Blender took a hit in 2.8, so there may be some version differences to account for.

If you’re having trouble getting autoweights onto the high poly, and you have a low poly, you could consider autoweighting the low poly and then copying weights to the high poly via a data transfer on nearest face interpolated. (You could also hand paint a low poly, although I think you could hand paint the high poly too, provided you’re not selecting individual verts and assigning them…)

I would expect that mesh deform from an armature-deformed low poly cage would have better performance than directly armature deforming the high poly, but you’d likely have problems with a precision 5 bind at places like the fingers, and a high precision bind would take forever and a day.

Really, the best thing to do is to retopo.

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You could try this new feature of the Multires Modifier in the recent builds (2.9) >> https://twitter.com/pablodp606/status/1248974189924691969

But even if it works, remember that it could totally break your model at any time (or not, who knows, it’s still in development)

In the new 2.9 version of the multiresolution modifier, there’s a rebuild subdivisions option that might give you the results you want as long as you don’t have any stray vertices and/or haven’t modified the geometry in a way that prevents it from functioning.

It’s worth a shot.

You could also try ctrl E > Un-Subdivide