high poly, realistic deinonychus

(thatbrikwal) #1

well, i’ve worked on this maybe 3 to 4 hours, and seeing the other high poly, realistic topic, i decided, sure :wink: :


btw, this is my first wip on this forum. go me, i guess.

(JoOngle) #2


Pretty cool dinosaur you’ve modelled yourself there.
I’d like to see more muscle on his thights though, it’s like the
two distinct ones that are there now are a bit too distinct and
the muscle too small? I don’t know - maybe it’s just me - but
it just appears so to me.

Keep up the good work.


(blengine) #3

very cool, he looks a bit, hmm, cube-ular, not organic enough or something like that… its very good though i like his back legs and claws the best

(thatbrikwal) #4

updated version… new pic is at same link, with old pic for comparison:


(JoOngle) #5


Much nicer!
Now on to several more suggestions:

I think the front “arms/legs” are a bit “boxed” maybe you could
(W) Subdivide Smooth the square-like upper-arms?
After subdividing, you should have enough resolution (vertices) to
make it more muscular bumped + a little rounder?

Keep up the nice work.


(S68) #6


fore legs are still to be worked on, but hind legs are cool.