High Poly, Realistic T REX

(Nayman) #1

I figured, that is an irresistable subject line, so here it is thus far…

VEEEEEEEERRRRRYYYYYYY WIP. Going to have a full body, totally detailed, rigged, the works… I only started this 4 hours ago.



Filmgrain added in photoshop

(Ecks) #2

uhmm…how can i say… :o …This trex kick some ass!!! I love your work man…The guy like you give me inspiration! Nice job!

(Natron) #3

Very cool, Nayman!
I am also working on a T-Rex. Although I don’t believe my head has that much detail. I’m hoping to use some nice detailed textures. :slight_smile:



(IMProvisar) #4

Natron, you sure the tail on your t-rex is long enough? In that pose, it looks like he’s about to fall over from lack of counterbalance… other than that, they’re both very good.


(S68) #5

Very good, Nayman,

your head is very nice, nostril has a strange ridge, IMHO.

Sorry, Natron, Can’t see your page.


(rixtr66) #6

nice modelling!i like the crisp edges.this will be a sweet model!


(blengine) #7

great looking! theres just something, a lil something about the bottom jaw that doesnt look quite rex-ish…no im not just thinking about the teeth either :wink: i think the front end is a lil odd, oh but i dunno! hehe i avent seen a rex since the last time i sw juarassic park… models looking very detailed, great job

(thatbrikwal) #8

i agree with granpaboy, the lower jaw looks funny. behind the nostril area, where the upper lip starts to bulge/jut/curve downward, the lower jaw needs more vertical mass, to follow the upper lip. otherwise, the bone there will be prone to breakage :wink: