high poly render as texture

I know i’ve seen reference to people who render a high poly verison of a model to use as a texture on a low poly version. Any links to this type of method or suggestions?

I have seen references about ‘baking a light map’. I’ve tried fooling with the texture baker some but haven’t quite figured out what to do with it.

Ok, after playing with the texture baker script I have managed to get it to do a flat color but how do i get it shaded with the lights?
Here is an example of what comes out in the texture baker render window:
I’m sure I have some setting incorrect or something simple.

The next version will have render baking as a built in feature.

Download a CVS build and try it out. It should be better then the script.

So does this not work using the script?
edit I have downloaded a CVS (Christmas Wu-Man version) and I love the texture baking!
It works exactly as it should.