High Poly Spaceship (Beautyshot update)


After someone prodding me to post my stuff, here it is.
Its currently in the detail phase.
One side/front view, yes its flying with its points forward, and 2 closeup of the details on the center and edge sections.


Wow! :o That amazing…

Can we see some wires? :wink:

Ah finally you post it here too (I’m x-warrior on scifi-meshes)

Looks even better than when I saw it, the newer details are very cool.

The only comment I have so far is the end of the “tip”. The hole makes the width of the hull too small imo (for the end of it that is). I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I’d tried making the hole at the end smaller.

but, as I said before, this gotta me the most crazy panelling job I ever seen. awesome job man

Hi I am Kumachan no matter where I go!

I am so glad that you have posted your wonderful ship at elysiun.

I think that it was wrong to hide this baby only at scifi-meshes.com

““Honey can we buy one of these for our next car.”” She would say no I know it because the cleaning and gas bill would be just too much!

Great Mesh!!

here comes the wires :slight_smile:

http://www.gods-inc.de/barbie/3d/sorc_wire1.png top view ortho
http://www.gods-inc.de/barbie/3d/sorc_wire2.png “detail” view trailing edge

Ecks: now that you meantion it, it does look indeed to thin there, hrmmm.

kumanchan: thanks pal

Ship looks cool but man for the sake of my bandwidth, please post jpegs.

I timed out trying to load the 3rd image…

Ortho views:

Top/Side: http://www.gods-inc.de/barbie/3d/sorc_test222.jpg
Front: http://www.gods-inc.de/barbie/3d/sorc_test223.jpg
Back: http://www.gods-inc.de/barbie/3d/sorc_test224.jpg

Ahh, thanks!

Very impressive, I assume you did this with blender so I gotta ask you, how did you do the hexagons on the hull?

It must have taken forever. I’ve been thinking about redoing my Spathi model (Star Control II) in blender, which is basically a hexagon sphere, I’m sorry I don’t know the correct name for it. Anyway any insights would be appreciated.

Work like that is very inspiring, cheers.

Sonic: Wellll…

I modeled one plate, positioned it against the hull…
And then duplicated it, and moved it to the new position … a lot of times
And then i connected each of them so each section that is plated is a single mesh

And if anyone wants to count, overall those are around 21400 plates, but since so much of the ship is symetrical, i had to only place around 2800 …

and yes, all done in blender, the transform widget is a godsend for stuff like that.

Hmm, thanks for the info, I think I’ll google some tips on this as before I used a truespace plug-in to make the sphere. Sorry to be off topic here, again nice work.

A attempt at a datasheep pic for the ship:


YOU DID WHAT? Are you insane? :Z

Sorry, but that was shocking. I saw the wires and couldn’t believe my eyes. Why in the world would you physically model all that detail? Especially when it could easily be replicated with normal maps or something similar?

Because this is not funny :smiley:

You’ve done something huge and there is a real nice result. But as said kattkieru this is quite crazy.
Nice job anyway.

Oh and BTW, what was the render time ?

kattkieru: because it wanted it and because with a texture it does not as good, especialy not under light. Or when you get close to the surface.
And it does render slower as well.

edheltar: with a normal lighting rig, 15 minutes at that res. the OA pics took longer with 1 hour each.

Ok thanks, not so huge, i thought it was a higher one.
I like the datasheet you’ve made.


for something there exists:

  1. dupli-verts
  2. displacement-mapping

but still congrats for the many time spend on this one.

except that blenders displayment mapping is a joke. and dupliverts will not work nice either since the surface is so twisted, you don’t get the correct distances between the plates.
Unless you rework the result by hand, in which case, you can do it by hand all the way.

When it comes to super detail there just is no “easy” way to do it. Not if you want it to look right.

I don’t know the technical term for this…

Oh yeah, HOLY CRAP!

That is truly inspirational.

The model itself is great of course, and the lighting, both external and the glows from within are phenomenal if this was done in one pass straight from blender! This thing should be in a movie.

and may I add–

      HOLY CRAP!!

I’d love it if you could explain how you place objects and then join them to be one mesh. I don’t think I understand that part. I don’t need full details on the whole thing just the joining part. thx

PS-the stars are cool too. I have to stop typing now or I’ll just keep gushing indefinitely.


CGmoose: Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Its quiet simple, just very time consuming, i made a subsufed hull as reference for the shape, then i made a single hexplate with the shape and details i wanted and placed it against it the hull concure, copied and moved abit aside so it layes with one edge against the previouse plate, and repeate till done. then creating faces connectiong all those single plates together.

As for the rendering, yes thats a single pass with blender internal render, radiosity for the windows, so they are a bit brigther then the standard emit material produces.

The stars are just the plain boring blender starfield from the world setting, just with very tiny sizes for the stars, 0.05

Updated datasheet picture: