High Poly Spiderman

Hi guys!
This is my high poly spiderman.
I was aiming for a half way version between realistic and cartoonish, and between a modern suit and the classic one. So, the general layout of the suit is classic, but the details are modern.
Texture is not perfect, it has some “stains” here and there, but I’m preatty happy with the result.
Whether you would like to take a look at the wireframe, there is a thread of mine in the Work In Progress session named “spiderman with muscular topolgy”.
Before implementing a muscolar system and rig it for animation, I’m looking forward to read your comments and suggestions on how to improve it.
Thank you all in advance.


The anatomy looks great, but I’d change the blue material; it looks a little unrealistic. Great job so far!

I like the model and presentation. That blue material though, maybe texture on it should follow his anatomy more. Speaking of anatomy, isn’t he a bit too thick for spiderman? Spidermans are skinny usually, helps them fly on their webs…

Yeah, it needs to be darker on the blue color.

Thanks guys!
If I want to go for photorealism (and darkening the blue color), this is the result. Please consider that the black web lines must be improved. What do you think? Better this way or keeping it closer to the comics?
Czerw I agree: Spidey is usually skinnier. But the challenge with this project was to create a human mesh with the topology following the muscular structures, so I thought this is a mature spiderman, a Peter Parker in his mid twenties who has been swinging across the city for some time now, and since he uses mainly his arms in the swinging (legs are used for balace) he grew bigger muscles in arms, shoulders and torso :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok guys! Bisides couple of details to adjust, I think this is it.
Now, what version should I keep?
the realistic one?

Or the comics one?

Let me know.

Keep the realistic one. great work by the way.

Realistic one it is then. Thank you!

This is really cool, really cool Spiderman.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Realistic definitely. Good job!

I like most of both of them. I think what makes the cartoon one jarring, is there needs to be darker shadows on the brighter materials.

Ok, I believe we have a winner here. I tweaked everything I could think of, and this is the final result. I’m preatty happy with it, but I’m looking forward to read your advices, suggestions and critics.
I’m rendering a low-res turnaround video as I’m writing. Whenever you guys would like to watch it, please let me know and I will upload it.
I think I will keep the cartoon version as well but, as ArtisticLee pointed out, it needs some adjustments to make it look more cartoonish.
Thank you guys. Next step will be animate it.


All I want for Christmas is a turnaround of both.

Here’s the turnaround of the realistic version:

The comics version still needs to be rendered. I will upload it as soon as possible.
Merry Christmas to y’all guys!!!

Made it. Here’s the cartoon version:

You’re absolutely amazing~ Thank you!

And you’re too good. Thank you so much!

A little update on the project.
I created and rigged a low poly mesh to use as cage for deforming the high poly model through the mesh deform modifier. In the attachment you can see the result. I also want to implement a muscle system of my own in order to have a more realistic motion and posing, but before I do that I wanted to hear what you guys think of the overall deformation.
Thank you and hope to write back soon.