high poly, t rex update

(Nayman) #1

Yep, another update for the old rexy poo


(S68) #2

Very nice,

like it, there is something I can’t get in the jaw-skull joint, maybe it looks too much like two separate pieces… I don’t really know.

Really nice theeth BTW


(EnV) #3

I agree; the mouth looks like two different pieces. And the joint of jaw should be more lower, I think.

(thatbrikwal) #4

the snout of the upper head should be thicker. if you look at a t-rex skull, you will notice two main ridges on the top: one above the nose, the other above the eye. te nose one seems a bit flat, making the lower jaw appear overlarge. also, you may wish to add the flap of skin at the corner of the mouth to make it look “right”.

(blengine) #5

oooo cool! his heads sort of looking like an action figure now though with it opened… the connections not organic enuff i guess…the bottom jaw sort of resembles a raptor jaw as weel, too thin in the front. i love the modeling in the top and neck though!