High quality image/texture bake in Blender 2.49b?

I am too tired to go into why I am using Blender 2.49b.

I have a brick wall model, fairly simple. It has two materials, one with a 512x512 texture, the other with a 1024x1024 texture. Everything is aligned and unwrapped.

I have a plane, sitting above the brick wall model.

I have a sunlight, in the middle 10bu above pointing straight down. I have used it and hemi.

When I bake the brick texture pattern onto the plane I get a pixelated texture. It looks really bad. I would like to bake, if at all possible, a high quality, 3D texture using my texture model.

I am stuck in two areas… One the pixelation and two, I can’t figure out how to apply shadows. The two issues may be related. I can apply a normal map and set that to the normal channel. I can bake out the normal map in the first place. I also have the ambient occlusion map and the displacement map. I have no idea how to apply these last two.

As I alluded to before… My goal is to create, in Blender, a high quality, fake 3D texture. Using my wall model, I want to to create something that looks like real bricks. This is related to a post I made in the Other Software section last week.

Long story short… The reason I can’t use normal maps and put everything together outside of Blender is the same reason I am using Blender 2.49b. Only version that works with PyPRP, which I use to create ages for Myst Online Uru Live and Uru Complete Chronicles. I am in the middle of learning how to create and paint textures, exploring methods in Blender and Gimp.

I appreciate your help. Finding information specifically on the topics I have detailed here has been next to impossible.

Blend file with all your textures not included in your post

I hope I did this right:
3DBrickS11.blend (235 KB)

no texture images packed

OK, .blend file and the two textures I was using. I thought these textures would be in the .blend file already?
3DBrickBT.zip (1.02 MB)