High Quality Lip Sync Animation Training

Hi Guys, Jaki Creative here. In this thread, i want to document the creation process of my animation work. Right now, i’m focusing on lip sync training. I’m planning on creating six different shot for this training. I’m probably gonna update this thread pretty much everyday, so you guys can see the process of my work day by day.

This is the first look of my work. I only manage three this time. Enjoy


I’m confused. It’s suppose to be about lip sync, but there are only head and body movements. Why are the lips not moving?

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I’m still on the blocking stage of the body. When i animate the facial, it’s time for me to do the lips and other details.

I see. Normally, you would move the lips and the body later. That’s what I was used to see.

At this case, i don’t. My teacher taught me how to do this, the other way around. Body movement first and then the face.

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Here is an update of my work for today :

Here is an update of my work for today :

The jaw is starting to move today. @XeroShadow

Pretty good, but you only did it on one audio clip.

Here is another one @XeroShadow

Pretty good. Just work on the emotions more.

Another update for this project, i’m starting to add some movement for the upper and lower lip.