High quality planet(s) using Nasa photos. (See post 10.)

A little half-hour job, mostly for shaderwork and stars, apart from selecting the photos and touching them up, which took a bit longer.


Very cool!

Nice job! Is it meant to be a particular planet? Looks like one of the outer planet moons, can’t think which one.

The stars are nice but since it’s in space, could be more of them, and a bit of colour too.

Nice, looks good, but the texture looks a bit blurry.

do you know if the photo was taken from a satelight or the hubble tele?

what planet is it?

Jacco’s spelling intermezzo: “Satellite”

It could be any unknown planet, i wasn’t aiming for any particular one.

The textures came from Nasas ongoing “Visible Earth” project, the link:


KevinW brought this to my attention when he did that brilliant spacescape picture.

It doesn’t look that good at this resolution but at about 3/4 this scale its pretty sharp. I was seeing how big it would work.

So what are you implying? That you took some NASA photos of various planets and moons, and just combined them to make a new planet?

Pretty much, except that the photos were all of earth.

That looks cool

Same methods, just more effort and better execution. No OSA, and just a clever node setup for an atmosphere effect.

And another one, i’m gettign quite good at this…
edit: imageshack sized it down to 50% because it was over 1.5Mb, bugger

how do you do this? can you post a .blend and/or a tutorial? thx. It looks awesome

Absolutely beautiful work!
Looking forward to seeing more.

another way to get a nifty atmosphere effect would be to build a second sphere and give it a high freshnel value in it’s materials settings. This would make it only visible at the edges like a real atmosphere would be.


I’ve done purple and yellow aswell, but they start to look similar to the others.