High quality skull - free asset download

(DrCoretti) #1

Good afternoon everybody ,
this is the result of my academic thesis in Dentistry at University of L’Aquila; Abruzzo; Italy : “Study and implementation of a decomposable virtual skull in 54 anatomically correct elements” By Dr Mariano Coretti

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC BY 3.0)
Specific Attribution: “Created by Mariano Coretti.”

the work can be download from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/brhezceym0m2y … k.zip?dl=0

Anyone may use this work for any purpose provided it is attributed as specified.

A presentation can see here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6AYF9f10Xs

I hope I was helpful

Best Regards



(leandrooliveira) #2

Beautiful work, man! But, have you sculpt it, or scanned it?

(comeinandburn) #3

thank you so much! I was looking for something like this for artistic study:)

(GeorgeTirebiter) #4

Wow, this is incredibly useful. Thank you!

(DrCoretti) #5

Thank you guys
Leonardo : “i started from the interpolation of TAC images of 2 different skulls (with Matlab) but this was only to make the thesis more interesting. The iterpolation process generates many errors (scaling, orphan vertices, inverted normals, noise that results in added and overlapping vertices, non manifold geometry … etc). I practically reconstructed it from scratch to recreate correct cephalometric measurements, details, teeth and roots, separation of the bone elements and a much more clean, regular and light geometry … (i can give you my thesis for details but it is in italian).
However there is still a lot to do”

(Tarnyloo73) #6

Great work.

(DrCoretti) #7

Thanks Tarnyloo

(YanSculpts) #8

Ahh very nice work, a skull is the first thing you should learn before tackling the face, well done!

(leandrooliveira) #9

Thank you for explanation, DrCoretti.

(heydotory) #10

Nice work! Thanks for your sharing.

(SR3d) #11

Grazie Dr Coretti, è un bello lavoro ! Waiting for my 3d printer, that will be for sure one of the models I’ll be printing, especially for my son who’s studying to be a doctor. Thanks a lot for sharing.

(DrCoretti) #12

Sincerely happy to be useful.
… especially to the little doctor

(BigBlend) #13

This is great. Really nice. But how do I select the light emitting planes. I don’t know how you locked them and why they don’t show in the outliner?

(DrCoretti) #14

Hi BigBlend (great name) the emitting planes are joined to an empty element called in the outliner “camera_tracker” and are a subset of this.

(BigBlend) #16

What happened? :confused:

(Wasfi Akab) #17

Ottimo lavoro, molto realistico. Complimenti!

(DrCoretti) #18

Grazie Wasfi_Akab.
Big blend : Some guys modify my work and sell\spread it as own original.
With the cc04 they can do what they want but they must recognize me the paternity of work

(BigBlend) #19

This sucks. Who are they? Post their info and which page sells it?

(DrCoretti) #20

Let loose BigBlend the world is to great to lose time with this kids