High quality sound effects?

hi everyone and thanks for reading this , so i was working on a game for some time and it’s going pretty good … but i can’t find compatible sound effects for this crazy game :disappointed_relieved:, here is some links to have an idea about it

latest version : https://streamable.com/3fadf1

BA thread : Tiger 1 ausf

as you can see the shooting sounds and bombing sounds are not bad but not the best either :confused:… i searched a lot !! on the internet for good and free sound effects but i didn’t found what i am looking for … also do any one know how to trim a mp3 / wav file ?? cause i found some vidos on youtube with nice effects but all of them were mixed together :neutral_face:

i hope you understand me , thank you for reading this topic

In a case like this, I search google for “creative commons” and “public domain” sounds effects.

Some of the first few results:

I’d also check out the asset stores for various game engines (link to free assets, but of course there’s plenty of paid assets as well and both have pretty big sales/discounts throughout the year):


Unreal has a sale now but couldn’t find any free assets that might have what you want

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thank you soo much , i didn’t thinked about checking other game engines stores , good idea !! … in the time after i posted this topic i found a good and simple software for sound editing it’s named Audacity ( idk if i am the last one knows about this software though😅 ) and it’s freeeee !! here’s the download link if somone is interested

i edited a really good sound effect with this program , you can check out one of them here : https://www.mediafire.com/file/c80zikn1aaithj8/tankfire3.wav/file

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In case you want to have more effects for your sounds, like “Delay,Reverb or 3D Surround” check out:

and mentioned from that website : https://www.kvraudio.com/

There are also free VST´s all around the web - check it out!

And there are Virtual Instruments to generate sounds from syntheshizers you normally not use
them in audacity (there you can use the effects), you use them in a Digital Audio Workstation:


https://lmms.io/ (Open Source)

Happy Blending!

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bruh , i’m new to sound editing and stuff , but you helped me a lot guys :smiley: , thank you !