High-res for large prints?

Hi Folks,
I am newb when it comes to the 3-D world and Blender and I would appreciate your sharing some knowledge. I’m interested in combining photographic imagery with 3-D CGI imagery for large prints (say 3’ by 5’). First, can this type of high-res imagery be created in Blender? Second: If so, does one work small and then res up like in Illustrator, or do you start with a large ‘canvas’?

Directions to threads, tutorials, etc. would be appreciated.


Blender can render a maximum of 10,000x10,000 pixels, so you can do super hi-res imagry.

Be aware that the bigger the image, the longer it takes to render.

Since when you are working in 3d, you use the viewport to model your objects and position the camera, lights, etc., you are not laying out the pixels of the final image. The final image is created upon rendering. So, you do not need to (and it isn’t necessarily possible to) ‘start with a large canvas’. You simply create your scene – which does not happen at a specific resolution as it would in photoshop for example – and then render at the desired resolution.

Keep in mind that blender does not use vectors, so you can’t really compare to illustrator.

I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I didn’t know if Blender was a vector-based app like Illustrator. I’m looking forward to exploring this.

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