High res Smoke Sim

Hey everyone! I’m thinking of making a tutorial on how to achieve this effect. I’ll also be willing to release a .blend. Please let me know what you think of the vid, and if you would be interested in a tutorial. Hope you enjoy, thanks for your time!

I like the result, however it looks strangely close to Andrew Price’s tutorial on creating fire.

Well to be honest this is a really old file I found and decided to use. I believe it’s from version 2.54. I can’t remember at all, but to be honest at the time I might have used his tutorial as a referance as well as other tutorials from other users. However, I’m glad you still liked the result. Thanks for the comment!

good result. How long to bake / how much RAM?

I left it baking over night so I’m not sure but my guess is between 7 to 8 hours. I’m not sure how much ram either, sorry. But I am planning on releasing a .blend file if I put up a tutorial for it. Thanks for the comment!