High res stitching?

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Hey Blender heads!

I’m working on a watch project and I need to create super high quality stitching for the strap. I’ve tried multiple methods with no luck.

I’m using Blender and Substance painter. The stitching provided in the substance package has minimal detail, I need something like this image:

I’ve tried two methods currently…

Method 1: Create a detailed strand of stitching using hair tool in blender. Then create a large scale stitch. Export this a height map and apply using substance. Is height map the best choice here?

Method 2: Modify this very well made material https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/substance-source-automotive-materials-interior-1

Why are my results terrible? It is too costly performance wise to have a full watch strap stitching using particles. I want to use a PBR setup and apply the stitching using only textures.

Any help appreciated!!


Adapt to your likings

cuz HQ CGI usually means dense geo, great textures, shading and amazing lighting… - smthng that “game” philosophy can’t stand, so take it out off your mind-set for time being and strive for physical correctness aka “photo-realism” of “macro watch photography”

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Thanks for your response Burnin, I am currently trying to strive for super photo-realism with this project, thus my need for detail. The rope you linked was a thought of mine a while back, which led me to creating the thread for the stitching myself (as mentioned in my first attempted method). Would you know a great way to implement this realistically? I don’t want something that is too performance heavy

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there are different ways to make rope
including one using simple UV or using the Twist modifier or array

but for high res hair you might need to add some particles hair for that

there is even an addon from oscuart to make rope!

here is one example

happy bl