High Resolution Blender Logo

Hello all. I was sick of the glossy Mac icon that only went up to 128x128 and I didn’t really like any of the other ones (Windows etc.) so I tried making my own from scratch. My aim was to try to replicate the original Blender logo as closely as possible, but bump up the resolution size to 1024x1024. Also included is the Blender file icon, also in 1024x1024 resolution.

Here’s the link: deviantART

Here’s a picture:


I posted it on deviantART but didn’t get many downloads (no one looks in the logos category really), so I thought I’d post it here.

Please tell me what you think :wink:


Looks good!

Nice job! Looks just like the original :yes:

Might I ask what software you used? :eyebrowlift:

Thanks. I used Photoshop CS4. I emailed the Blender Foundation and got a reply saying that my logo would be forwarded to the “interface guy”, so my logo may be used for the Mac versions of Blender to come! :slight_smile: