High Resolution Character Textures

I have a question: do films with computer generated high resolution characters use multiple 4096x4096 textures to detail them? And if they do, how do I go about setting my model up in Blender to use multiple textures? I am creating my first high resolution character and I would like to do the model justice by having high quality textures. Thank you in advance!

The size of the map would depend on what you are making it for. For example game would be lower, 3d visualisation higher etc. My advice would be to make a 4096x4096 if your high res figure is only going to have the one map. If you have performance problems you can always make it smaller without texturing again. If you make a low res texture you will have to texture again to make a high res texture. So less work to make a larger texture map so long as your computer can handle it.

ps I suspect high res humans use 4096x4096 unless the humans textures are using multiple maps. Usually 4096x4096 runs ok without to much slow down, and 8192x8192 tends to be way too high for programs to handle.

NB: You need high res reference images to pull this off.

Basically, I was just wondering how I make the UV’s for my model in Blender so that I can apply multiple 4096x4096 pixel textures. Probably one for the head, one for the arms and hands, another one for the trunk of the body, and finally one for both of the legs. Thank you in advance!

If this tut doesn’t have the info you need try looking through this site for more tuts. I’ve not watched it but sounds like it from the title.
It can be helpful to yourself to become familar with some of the blender learning sites.

I don’t think you will benefit from having multiple 4096 maps. Will you really have the references to texture to this amount of detail. Very doubtful, plus you will not notice the difference. But good luck to you whatever you decide to do.

Thank you! That seems to be what I am looking for. Yeah, I am actually in the process of looking through all of Blender Cookie’s videos. That one is from 2011 and I am still watching videos from 2009. It would have taken me a little bit. Thank you for finding it!

Edit: And actually, I am using images that are 2000x3058 from 3d.sk, so the body will most assuredly be 4K, but the head may be a step down.