High resolution Mantaflow smoke simulation 4k | Blender 2.90


So a 512 sample sim for 250 frames took 3 days?

The smoke all look really good, but what system did you use? Things like this is where my PC usually grinds to a halt.

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The computer I used was a laptop, cpu amd ryzen 4800h was and gpu nvidia rtx 2060.

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Wow. I am going to try and do something like this. Any reference for the smoke settings?

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Iā€™m sorry,i lose the project file.I didnt used any special settings.I gived the smoke to a sphere and move it randomly.

In my experience, the smoke will never look anything like that.

Looks great. The smoke behaves a bit like liquid in some of them. Anymore info about the settings would be really interesting?