High resolution smoke disapears Blender 2.91

Hi all!

When I try to do a smoke + fire simulation in Blender 2.91, for some reason, when I change the resolution from 128 (I use this when tweaking settings) to 256 - the smoke just disappears. I can still see the fire, but the smoke have gone up in, well not smoke. I’ve checked with the density attribute node and still can’t see anything so it feels like it’s not rendering it at all.

Have anyone encountered this? I tried following Iridesiums flamethrower tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlCwT5dgEXM&t=675s) with the exception of not using a particle system as emitter (I just wanted to see the settings for the smoke and shading), and everything works perfectly until I change resolution.

Any help is much appreciated!